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                altBarTender® is also Card Printing Software!

It has never been this easy to get
“carded.” That’s because the world’s
leading software for labels, barcodes
and RFID can now also design, print
and encode cards.

Launching at Full Power!
This is no light-weight “first step.”
BarTender version 10 delivers a rich set
of card printing features more than two
years in the making. This includes twosided
design, print-time image capture,
and numerous “smart card” features.

True “One-Stop Shopping”
You no longer need one software
package to design and print labels and
another one for plastic cards. The main
difference is simply the type of printer.
So why bother learning two different

Magnetic Stripe Encoding
With capable printers, BarTender also
supports print-time encoding of the
ISO and JIS II magnetic stripe

More than 25 Years of Graphic
Design and Print Expertise

With BarTender, your cards are sure
to look great. Based on more than
25 years of award-winning desktop
publishing experience, BarTender gives
you industry-leading graphic design
power and the world’s most advanced
barcode functionality. And it keeps
getting better, with new features like
two-sided design and print-time image
Automatic Template Switching
BarTender 10.0 now supports automatic
switching between multiple templates in
a single document. So, for example, if
you offer separate gold, silver and bronze
membership cards, the right one can be
automatically output at print time.

Support for Major Card Printers
BarTender can print using just about
any card printer’s existing Windows
drivers. But that won’t help you access
advanced card features, such as
magnetic stripes and onboard memory.
Fortunately, BarTender also comes with
“Drivers by Seagull™,” long recognized
as the fastest and most reliable drivers
available for industrial and special
application printers. For an up-to-date
list of supported card printers, please

Works Integrated or Stand-Alone
BarTender’s powerful set of integration
features let you produce the world’s
most advanced cards both stand-alone
from within BarTender and under the
control of your existing software.

Powerful “Smart Card” Support

Today’s “smart cards” show
off some of the most exciting
technology seen in automatic
identification today. And
BarTender 10 already has
the advanced capabilities
you need, including support
for two types of onboard
Contactless (RFID)
Contact (“touch”)

* Feature available with capable printers.

Ready-to-Use Print-Time Image Capture

To do it yourself, integrating the various hardware and software components required to add photo capture to the production of ID cards is a tedious and time-consuming process. Fortunately, BarTender has already done this hard work for you, including:
  • Compatible with most
    Live on-screen preview
    On-command image
    Data entry forms to accept
    keyboarded user data
    Versatile database
    Works stand-alone or from
    within your other software

BarTender also provide powerful functions in Barcode label printing.                                                                            GO

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