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Hello Visitor (By Evolis) - 駿科企業有限公司 Gentle Enterprises Ltd.

  • The all-in-one visitor management solution that will improve your brand image and keep your company secure!

    The visitor badge is the very first impression visitors get of your company upon arrival. This badge means your staff are able to identify visitors instantly.

    The Hello Visitors solution allows you to provide each visitor with a profesional badge, which enhances your company image.

    Thanks to the software package provided with the solution, you can keep track of all visitors (arrivals and departures): you know who is on your premises at all times.

    Identify your visitors and record all their visits

    • Add new visitors (or look up those who have already visited previously) in just a few seconds.
    • The intuitive dashboard shows you who is on the premises at all times. 
    • You keep a record of all visits, including arrival and departure times.

    Print out personalized, reusable badges

    • It takes just a few seconds to erase and print your visitor badges on plastic cards
    • Make substantial savings by reusing your badges - up to 500 times each. 
    • Thanks to our template publisher, you can personalize badges using your own design / logo.

  • Content of the solution

    • 1 Tattoo RW rewritable card printer
    • 1 installation CD-ROM including a licence for the Facility Friend software (single site / single location) and the user manual in electronic format
    • 20 blank rewritable cards (for printing in black)
    • 20 translucent horizontal badge-holders with metal clip and rubber ends
    • 1 Quick Installation Guide.

    Minimum requirements

    PC: Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32 or 64-bit)
    512 MB RAM, 200MB disk space
    1 CD-ROM reader
    1 USB port
    Internet connection for  additionnal plugin installation

    Facility Friend Visitor Management Software

    REGISTERING VISITORS Fast visitor registration using a form and a search engine to gain rapid access to the file of visitors already registered.
    Option of adding a visitor identity photo and signature (requires peripherals not supplied).  Management of a list of banned visitors.
    VISIT MONITORING Dashboard showing visits underway, those yet to take place, and those delayed.
    All visits made by each visitor are recorded in full.
    An evacuation report showing all visitors present onsite is generated.
    TRACKING OF PARCELS AND MESSAGES Creation of personalized messages for receptionists and security officers: incident reports, lost property…
    The parcel tracking facility allows reception staff to receive parcels addressed to employees / hosts by recording their tracking numbers
    PUBLICATION OF BADGE TEMPLATES SVG publisher enabling the personalization of models through the addition of a logo, images, photos, or text. Visitor and employee badge templates are installed by default.
    AVAILABLE LANGUAGES English and French
    TYPE OF LICENSE Single-site and Single-location (upgrade to multi-sites and/or multi-locations available from the publisher, VISCOUNT).

    Imprimante Tattoo RW

    PRINTING Direct thermal printing and erasing on rewritable material
    SPEED Erase & Print Cycle: 8 seconds (manual) - 12 seconds (feeder)
    INTERFACE USB & Ethernet – USB cable included
    DIMENSIONS (L x H x W) 290 mm x 166 mm x 187 mm  (6.54" x 11.42" x 7.36")
    WEIGHT 2,4 Kg (5.3 lbs)
    ELECTRICAL SUPPLY Power supply unit: 100/240 Volts AC, 1.8 A, 50-60 Hz
    Printer: 23 V DC, 3 A
    OTHER SPECIFICATIONS Full specifications available here
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